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Asst. Dir. of Media Relations, University of South Carolina | . I help w/experts & stories in law, biz, retail, IT, politics, social sciences.

Columbia, SC
Joined January 2011

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  1. CEO Rob Samuels plays a big part in that.

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    Thank you all for the warm welcome!

  3. I'm a proud alumna. reached the $1 billion goal of its campaign -- the first university in SC to set/reach such a goal.

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    stand with us in defending our historic horseshoe

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    Millennials, raise your hands! You now outnumber Boomers (Arizona Republic photo)

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    Day one at new address. No more "when we move to a new building" for journalism school.

  7. Should they stay or should they go? tackles exec team success when new CEO is named. Blog:

  8. Biz media, add the to your lists. prof Patrick Wright is a top authority on HR and c-suite topics.

  9. MEDIA: prof Jacqueline Fox can discuss ruling in . Fox is healthcare law expert. Email or DM me.

  10. Thanks, . We all needed this laugh or least this smile.

  11. The team is planning its 2016 event to help stop diabetes. Thanks for your support this year!

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    Confederate flag removed from Alabama Capitol grounds on order of Gov. Bentley via

  13. This has potential ...

  14. This is where twitter, news media, activism and political leadership intersect.

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    When I looked into the eyes of the hundreds who came to our service, calling to remove the flag became the easiest, tough thing I ever did.

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    July 9 is day on the . Guiding you through the day will be & , two great leaders.

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    It is time to remove the flag. We are ONE !!

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    President calls for the removal of the Confederate Battle flag from State House grounds.

  19. Moments like this make me proud of South Carolina.

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